18 June 2010

WWW2 Mecha in action

I appreciate clever photoshop manipulation. These ones from around the www show the use of Mecha (some being familiar Imperial models) during WWW2:

(Actually this one is a rendered digital picture, and very well done too)


  1. I soooo wanted to do this with Geheimkrieg but didn't have the resource to do more than a couple...

  2. Wow, great work. They blended the Sherman in so well, you wouldn't realise that model didn't come into production until well after the walkers were no longer in service!

  3. Steve- I'm sure there are lots of fans who would put a few together for you. I thought the ones you did in Geheimkreig came out really well.

    Indeed so Owen- pity that T-34 looks so fake though!

  4. People forget that the Ice Planet Hoth is actually named for German Oberkommando der Mecha Hermann Hoth.

    Great pics!

  5. Some people do, but not true grognards like us Ken!