29 June 2010

German Rocketpacks

Another awesome 'secret weapon' that arrived a little too late in the war to be implemented fully, but makes for some great WWW2 "Raketentruppen" options!
The “Himmelstürmer” (Sky Stormer - but literally Heaven Stormer) flight pack was an experimental project that would allow German combat engineers and infantry to cross bridgeless waters, minefields, barbed wire, and other obstacles without hindrance.

As such, the device had to be for short duration “jumps” of ranges up to 50-70 meters. This was not meant to be a individual flying machine to achieve any sort of altitude or long flight journey, so emphasis was placed on finding a suitable type of propulsion to accomplish the limited jump range.



  1. Hi Tas,

    This looks really cool - watch the movie Rocketeer for some further insight - there is even a dirigible in it!

    All the best,


  2. Thanks for the heads-up mate, see the next post!

  3. Great share! Hitler also called them "Human guided missiles". :)