01 June 2010

Jurassic Reich - detailed report

The forbidding Castle looms over the countryside:
Including a variation on the "Eagle's Eerie": 4 German Players were arranged with 1 in the castle commanding the Pterowaffen and some infantry, and three others with an Infantry squad and a group of 5 Kriegclaws. I commanded the German far right and was in charge of the Dinolaager. Attacking in the still morning air were three Allied players, each with two high calibre infantry squads. As the Allies advanced, Nazi film direktor ”Dino” de Laurentis was trying to finish off his propaganda masterpiece. Early, long range fire from the Allies shook the morning and alerted the Germans to the invaders' presence. Owen (commanding the Allied centre) scored first blood with a long range bazooka shot frying up some raptor steaks! So easy it seems he even did it with his eyes closed. The centre and right flank became a swirling advance to contact, pitting the heroic and heavily armed Allies against the Nazisaurs! On the right, two squads of Kriegclawstrapped a bunch of Amis in a barn. Any Amis who came out got chomped, and dinos that put their heads in got them singed with flamethrowers! Impressively, this GI hero held off two Raptors simultaneously! This lead to much Commando Comic style quotations... On the extreme right, some GIs had commandeered a Truck and were driving up to the castle's gate, menaced by the Pterowaffen! And the Nazi centre, stopped cold by Owen's heroes and their withering fire across the road and bridge, redeployed using the amphibious capabilities of the big lizards Big alas!they were too late- a large explosion came from the castle as the GI infiltrarors destroyed the ancient artifact that made the dino presence possible. All this was but a minor distraction to me on the far right though. Seeing thebottleneck in the villiage, I swung my kriegclaw into the rear of Owen's troops withut mercy- lunch time for Fritz! With that the game concluded - the Allies had successfully attacked the castle, while the Germans had protected both the propaganda film and the dino-laager. Overall a win for the players who all had a ball!
Thanks again to Alan and Greg for a fantastic game - a Man Cave double thumbs up!


  1. That has got to be the best Wierd War game I have come across. And having multiple players too.

    Which rules did you use?

    Can the rules handle other wierd war units?

    Do the rules allow for normal WW II skirmishing and tanks?

    How long did a game take?

    Great photos and report.

    Many thanks Allan

  2. Rules were Ganesha Games's Flying Lead, which were nice, generic and fast playing on a unit not individual basis. As long as you can make up the stats and special rules, no reason why you couldnt use of whole lot of WWW2 units. A turn with 2 units was over in less than 5 minutes, it was the multi-player sequencing that was tougher.