15 March 2010

La Rouge Rubbish

I love WW1 Flying films, I think 'Dawn Patrol" from 1938 (starring Errol Flynn) is one of my all time favourites closely followed by "The Blue Max". I even liked the flying sequence from the recent 'Flyboys' which were great (though the rest of the film was pretty average). This one I was looking forward to - a German made movie about their most famous fighter pilot.

So it pains me to recommend: Don't bother, its a stinker!
Seriously, the fleeting flying sequences are glimpses of what could have been, but sadly these are far and few between. Then ironically, the movie just ends and you dont see the finale you have struggled through the rest of for! On a more personal note, not even a mention of the Australian soldiers who brought him down with groundfire (conclusively proven through autopsy a few years ago).

Do yourself a favour- skip this and go watch Dawn Patrol instead!


  1. Agree totally. Looking forward to the Aussie made one the War Memorial has footage from....any news on that one?

  2. It seems a nice blog, thanks you.

  3. What a shame. I was hoping this would be a good movie.