02 March 2010

Bag the Trifecta!

When Too Fat Lardies released Squadron Leader Johnny Danger's Bag the Hun "Scramble" Compendium earlier today, all my remaining willpower (not saying much I know) evaporated. And thus I downloaded the full Hun Bagger package:

Goggles on, Chocks away - hurray!


  1. Willpower... what's that? Oh it's that funny feeling you get just before you hit the "buy now" button? Or is it the sick feeling in your stomache when you have to tell your wife that you've put "more toys" on the credit card?

    Hmmm, nope no idea, I'll have to look it up. Ok here we go, according to Wikipedia:

    Will Power, an Australian motorsport driver.

    Now I'm really confused.

  2. Probably the latter if I was being honest: I usually manage to have myself self-justified suficiently only feel excitment when hitting the 'buy now' button!