26 January 2010

Tau vs Space Wolves BATREP-AAR

View from the trenches..... Turn 1.....Death From Above..... Scratch one Drop Pod...... Situation on second last turn, right flank..note THIRD drop pod arriving as reinforcement to claim 2nd objective
Situation on left flank on 2nd last turn...note the alternate models for Fenris Cav
BATREP Finally got my act into gear to write a snappy BATREP for a Warhammer 40K game. This game was game 3 in an ongoing 5 game campaign straight from the 5th edn rulebook. Jase (of painted figures fame) was using his Space Wolves and I my Tau. The mission was pre set as a Sieze Ground (we rolled 3 objectives) with Pitched battle deployment. Jase has won both the previous games in this campaign, the 2nd fairly convincingly so I thought it was time to change my tactics. I dropped my Devilfish transports that had zoomed around the battlefield full of infantry the last two games (usually only to be smacked down by turn 4) and instead took an almost fully infantry gunline force of 4 squads of Firewarriors and 1 squad of Kroot, with two Hammerhead tanks and a pair of Broadside battlesuits for support. Two squads of Crisis battlesuits rounded out the force. The pics show the evolution of a Firewarrior, only one squad of which is currently painted :) I divided my force into two equal fireteams and deployed them in a straight line behind barricades on either side of my bunker to await the inevitable Space Wolf ground assault......
.....except it came from above....first turn 2 Drop Pods smacked into the ground right in front of my gunline and out clambered his elite assault troops led by his General straight at my non-assaulty Firewarriors...my Kroot attacked first and all 20 , together with their 3 Kroot hounds, were soundly thrashed and run down, due mainly to failing to score wounds on his lads, whilst his power fist armed lads cracked skulls and caused at least 7 casualties to my 1....the Kroot fled and were run down...
On my other flank, Jase charged his newly acquired Fenris Wolf cavalry (thanks to Comrade Owens' post about alternate models for these, Jase bought 3 from some Russian dude...) and to cut a long story short, they made it across the killing ground with one wound a piece, dispatching a Firewarrior squad, a Hammerhead and one squad of Crisis battlesuits by games end.
His Blood Claw assault squad also made it across no mans land with enough lads to hack up the other Firewarrior squad on that (left) flank and assist the Cav in dispatching the hammerhead.My right flank fared little better, with a Lone Wolf suicide charging my last remaining Firewarriors, killing them to a ...Tau...Previously,Jases' General, fresh from his slaughter of the first Kroot and then a firewarrior squad, braved intense point blank fire from my other Hammerhead and the Broadsides to engage the Broadsides in hand to....gun combat....which left only the hammerhead and my generals Crisis team remaining....The Hammerhead fell to concentrated fire from the Long Fangs, (Space Wolf Heavy Weapon squad) which had fired off over a million shells, resulting in a Kroot hound with a slight limp....actually they immobilised the left flank Hammerhead which enabled it to be caught by the Fenris Cav, and then destroyed outright the second Hammerhead ,so they did all right....
On the last turn, (turn 5), my sole surviving unit, the general's crisis team, fought an heroic last stand in the bunker against Fenris Cav, Blood Claws, and the Space Wolf general...an outright 3-0 victory to Jase, giving him more veteran units and the pick of deployment type for our next game, which is a Cities of Death scenario.

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  1. Grat BatRep mate - sorry it didnt end so well for you though! Sounds like I need a few drop pods in my Salamander force to spice it up a bit with some Death from Above!