25 January 2010

Arcanacon XXVIII

Yep- we made it! In fact, here is a pic of Owen with Syd the Arcanosaur to prove it! It was a convenient half way between our Man Caves and while we didn't participate inthe games, we did have a good walk around and look through the various venders. Lots and lots of 40k, but unfortunately the FoW, Wamachine and Space Hulk events werent on that day. oh well... There was some very nice terrain ,but for my part these two were the best- a very nice resin river delta style setup (which had me itching some some Vietnam Brown Water Navy figs...) And this great Urban table
And this great set-up gave me a good chuckle too!
Army wise, I really liked this IG army, extensively modified with greenstuff to be WW1 era ANZACs - sweet! Finally, multiple puchases at the stalls of course- noting too major for me, but I did pick up a Cnc Workshop tool rack which should help setting up the new Man Cave: http://www.miniaturescenery.com/ProductPage.asp?Code=RKT Now get an engineering degree so Ican figure out how to assemble it!!!

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  1. So...JEALOUS!!!! Love the pics mate, esp the Ork Deffcopta and the ANZAC Guard...I got me one of those CNC racks last year, they work very well, once you assemble them!!