26 January 2010

Evolution of a Firewarrior

Way back Owen asked me for pics of my Tau being painted...this is the first squad I've tried to paint from scratch so the quality is what you would expect :) I'll include some pics of the almost final version shortly. Colours were Codex Grey undercoat, Catachan Green for the uniform and Rotting Flesh for the armour. I then washed the whole model in Gyphonne Sepia , which gave it a nice 'been in battle' grunge look to it...based with GW basing sand , washed in the old Chestnut Ink and drybrushed Bleached bone..representing the arid planet from which this particular sect (Vior'la) comes from.
The other pic shows the effectiveness of Simple Green to strip the original paint job off these eBay-acquired Crisis suits....the icky blue scheme on the left was the original colour scheme, the neon orange in the middle was what lay under one even after simple green, and the greyish white one on the right is a totally stripped model after about a week in Simple Green...not necessarily what I would recommend given it does make the plastic a bit softer by the end..:)

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  1. Very nice mate - I think those fire warriors look great!