18 November 2009

Where do Genestealers sleep at night?

Check this product out if you havn't already done so, although expensive to ship outside the US, these trays look fantastic...these ones were done specifically for Space Hulk (the popular space corridor game ;) )

The deluxe set theoretically fits within the SH game box and holds all the corridor sections and counters as well...... http://battlefoam.com/catalog.php?category=66


  1. Yeah, the foam is great stuff--and I highly recommend it for Space Hulk; however, if you're considering it for an entire army, it winds up being quite expensive. My friend just bought a set, and it set him back $400. Heck that's about the price of an army itself!

  2. Hmmm...I seem to recall somehtign about a popular space corridor game.... :-) These look very nice indeed. Me Likey!