19 November 2009

Deathwing Update

Here are the Lads, resplendant in their new Chapter Symbols. I had a few issues with putting them on (probably because they say 'Copyright Games Workshop 1989" on the bottom - are decals meant to last 20 years?!!!) but they look good with a wash of Devlan Mud over them to dirty them up a bit. Some matt sealant with dull them down a bit too.
As my Son's Salamander Army Project builds momentum, I'm rethinking the second DA Squad too. I may redurect 5 of the figs to form a Salamander Terminator Squad.
In other news, I've started on a Deathwing Captain fig I snagged recently - a nice figure I'm doing in the same style as the squad, though with more emphasis on the excellent detail on this casting.

Last but not least: Big hoots and Many Thanks to Oberst Owen for his very kind donation of a 10 man Tac Marine Squad to the Lad. The "Cool dude with the Chainsword" is already primed and ready for some colour this weekend! A big thumbs-up and a bottle of Man Cave Lager for you my friend :-)