10 November 2009

Base Progress - Pics

Finally got some pics downloaded of the Deathwing bases. This project has once again proved that if you are a rather average painter (like me), you should spend more time on your basing for a better overall effect! Click for larger images
I also tried some blood splatter with Scab Red and Blood Red as per the GW tutorial here:
http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/content/article.jsp?catId=cat410002&categoryId=1100020§ion=&pIndex=0&aId=1400009&start=1 My blindingly obvious tip for preparing these bases: They are resin. They chip when you drop them...

Comments and suggestions welcome!


  1. Something I didn't know about working with resin is that you should wear a face mask when filing, even if a small amount, due to the very fine particles that come off it, and can be worse for you long term than asbestos...apparently....

  2. ...and the bases are looking nice mate, good blood splatter...Marine blood I presume? ;)