28 December 2021

SpaceX Dragon capsule for Moongrunt

Space X's Dragon system currently operates from Earth to Orbit with 7 pax payload. For my Moongrunt setting, I can imagine that some of these could be modified for lunar operations. Without the issue of escaping earth orbit, the weight saved can be utilised for additional payload (troops). Maybe two or three of these could be strapped into a lunar cycler from Earth orbit / Lagrange points and released in Lunar orbit for independent (but limited duration) ops.

But thats all rationalising and hand-wavium really,  I think they just look cool; a nice balance between Cold War utility and too much SF tech, and size wise it wont overly dominate the table. So this week I 3d printed one and am pretty happy with how its come out.

I will be using this as a USMC Lunar Landing Craft - Personnel
Just a small update, but it feels good to get this project going at last.



  1. nicely done, Paul! looking forward to seeing how that paints up!

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