29 December 2021

2021 Reflections

The Analogue Painting Challenge is always a highlight of the year

...made even better as a Dad and Lad event

Well this is the 13th Man Cave Year in Review! Aat the end of 2020 we were all looking forward to 2021 but then...  Well, everyone in my family is well so there is lots to be thankful for, and there were a bunch of other positives both professionally and personally this year.  Here are the Hobby highlights:

I finished my 3 year Warhammer Fantasy Beastman Army project and got them into action for Easter

I painted up this 8 x 4 Urban tile terrain system 

I ran a small 6 player Blood Bowl league, which was cool

Won back the coveted Shamrock Cup from Comrade James!

Disocverd 3d printing: This was my first terrain peice

Built an Enforcer gang for Necromunda

Painted a Caesarian Army for Infamy, entirely while in Quarantine

da Durty Duzen: my first ever Orks

Got my Renegade Astartes featured on Warhammer Twitch!

And to enable all that fun, I had my Man Cave pimped up from a dingy and functional garage into this gaming emporium! The whole family chipped in with the labour but it was my Dad who had the skills to make it happen. Thanks everyone!

Actually, added to the games of 40k, Space Hulk, Blood Red Skies, more Blood Bowl, and Kill Team, and 2021 was a pretty decent hobby year in toto

and 2022? I've broadly given up planning the year ahead. Not because of COVID or anything but because I am so distractible (and seemly getting worse).  I'm also going to be travelling a lot in the next 2 years so that will impact my output.  That said:

- AHPC Season 12

- DungeonBowl teams

- 28mm Silver Bayonet force (and bad guys_

- 15mm SF / Moongrunt project

- 40k Chaos Space Marines when the Codex comes out

 - I'm feeling the itch to start painting the Warhammer Fantasy Battle Chaos army I've been collecting figures for.

- and I'd love to get to that 28mm War of the Roses project one day

and regardless, as long as I get to spend some good gaming time with Reilly and the club lads it will be a successful year.

Separately, I squeaked in (just) on my annual Reading Challenge and next year will be my 10th consecutive. I think I am likely to go less in quantity but finally get stuck into the Expanse series - I've been promising myself for years!

Twitter continues to be my go-to Hobby social media platform. I've decided to persist with the blog anyway, mostly though monthly roundups and bigger AARs. That said, its more of a personal journal than anything these days.

Anyway, best wishes to all for 2022 and here';s to making lemonade from lemons, as they say!


  1. Happy New Year Paul, when we get there! So delighted to see that you have had another productive year and on so many fronts. Really interested to read your last comment about keeping the blog ticking over as a personal journal, something I hope to do, perhaps using Instagram more as a social tool.

    1. Great to hear from you Michael, and thank you! Best wishes for a great 2022 at Awdry Towers :-)

      I'm finding Twitter is great for a quick fix: 4 pics max and only short descriptions. Good opiate hits of hobby inspiration. It lacks the more comprehensive depth that a blog brings though. My own reduced investment in the blog has corresponded with a drop in traffic, but I use it for me. My modelling notes and paint colours have been invaluable when returning to projects!

      I have an instagram account but don't use it very much at all. Only so many hours in the day!

  2. Dad and a Lad made me laugh. Good looking boy you have there.

    Happy New Year.

  3. Love the gaming emporium, Paul! Congrats on a great 2021 and looking forward to 2022!

    1. Thanks Steve - looking forward to seeing what you come up with also!

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