25 January 2020

First Games at the new Man Cave: Stalingrad, Kill Team and Space Hulk

Been a challenging few week on the hobby front, with the move and all.  So I decided to get on the front foot for the week leading up to CanCon and christen the new games room with some games.

First up was games night with Comrade James and some of the lads from the new club.  We tried out the "Academy of Street Fighting" supp for Bolt Action (a free pdf at the Warlords site), which takes the game down to a squad level where individuals are being activated. We played in the rubble of Stalingrad but with a few small tweaks it would be great for Arnhem with my Red Devils, or pitting US and German paras against one another in Carentan, Normandy.
As you would expect it was brutal fighting close up where SMGs and Grenades were king.  The variant rules for multi shot weapons gave great feeling of spraying bullets everywhere.

Later in the week Reilly arrived and we got some great Kill Team in - this time I took my Grey Knights and pulled off a rare (but close) win! I wont get used to that :-)  His AdMech army is really coming along and looking great!

Unpacking is not generally fun and enjoyable - but finding old treasures is, so we got a quick game of Space Hulk in using the classic Cleanse and Burn scenario. We played Coop, but clearly that wasn't sufficient for the Lad, who proceeded to flame the last room...while my Captain was still in it.  I should have seen that coming I guess!

CanCon starts today for the long weekend - always a blast. More to follow.

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  1. what a great way to christen the new room, looking forward to hearing about CanCon too.