04 February 2019

AHPC9: Irish Slingers for SAGA

This week my submission finished off a long standing project with a unit of slingers for my Irish SAGA warband, which was quite satisfying.
My new Irish slingers defend their village (terrain not part of this submission)
Great figures by Footsore miniatures, with nice variations to make every figure of the 12 man unit different. However, I did find the plain jerkins with an appropriate lack of adornment hard to paint, given that I wanted to keep them poor and peasant like.  I have based as per the rest of the force I put together earlier this year.  This submission yielded 60 points for the Challenge and I am well over half way to my target now.

This is my completed SAGA Irish Warband in totality:
Yes Dux, the shields are indeed all hand painted...
In SAGA terms this is a 5 point warband:  2 hearth guard units, a unit of spear armed Warriors, a warhound pack, and a sling armed levy. The Warlord has both foot and mounted options, with accompanying Curaidh champions (which Dux kindly painted for me - thanks mate). Nice diversity which will be challenging to harness as a cohesive force - sounds fun!


And this is the 2000th post here at the Man Cave - Huzzah!


  1. Fabulous job Paul, it must feel good to finally complete a unit, I must try it some day. :D

    1. Thanks Michael! Your projects tend to be on a more magnificent scale so this paltry force wouldn't even register!

  2. Beautiful warband, animals...and hand painted shields!