13 February 2019

AHPC 9: Barbarian Auxilia

This week sees me adding to my Orci Invicti army with something a bit different. Later Roman armies were known for incorporating warriors from conquered lands and using them as Auxilia troops to increase the Force's fielded strength.  I have always liked Bellicose Foot units in Dragon Rampant, so this seemed like a perfect excuse to get some into my army.

This unit of fur clad Shield Breakers is from a Hill Tribe that was recently (and violently) incorporated into the growing Orc Empire. Now they fight for something greater than their loose collection of villages.

They are old Grenadier Orc "Big Uns" from the 90s - and big beefy chaps they are too weighing in at a hefty 40mm. I picked them up at a Bring & Buy at MOAB last year and really likebthe old, characterful sculpts.
The Bigs Uns showing their size next to my Sattagarian Goblins from earlier in this challenge

I have been asked what my skin recipe is.  My intent was to go for a olive yellow tinged skin, rather than the more modern GW Green.  This is what I ended up with (though I do drift about a little they are Orcs, after all!):
Black Undercoat
Rough Drybrush with British Uniform Khaki, leaving key recesses black for shading/outline effect
Liberal wash with Army Painter Strong Tone (the brownish, middle one)
Highlight with Vallejo Green-Brown
Fine Highlight with Green-Brown lightened with some Bone

That submission was six 40mm figs at 7 points each for a total of 42.  Yes - the answer is indeed 42!!!