28 January 2019

AHPC 9: 'Sport' Bonus Round

Studio Tomahawk's Jugula is a game that I quite enjoy, though it is quite a different style of Gladiator game. It has excellent resource mechanics and its building tempo feels like an escalating spectacle entertaining the Arena's mob crowd. I have also historically (and uncharacteristically) won more often against Dux than not with my Ludus Caeruleus (or Blue School) which helps a fair bit too...

So my Sports Bonus round entry is a minor addition to my gladiator barracks with a bow armed Sagittarius, who as a missile armed fighter will add a new dimension to the early stages of the combat before the Gladiators get to melee distances. Can't recall where I originally got the figure from, apologies.

As all Sports need an audience to jeer and cheer, I have also painted up a characterful spectator figure by Crusader Miniatures. I will use him as my marker for Vox Populi, which in Jugula is a measure of the crowd supporting your Ludus in its endeavours (which adds to your gladiators' performance).
Any likeness to Dux himself sans beard is surely accidental...

...or is it? :-)
2 x 28mm Figs for this Bonus round, totalling 60 points


And I was thrilled to get another Honourable mention in the voting- that 2 for AHPC 9, my equal best with AHPC 8!