27 June 2018

Sons of Death unit for SAGA

I've been away with work a bit of late, so not much productivity from my own brush to report. However, All round good guy and top bloke Alan painted up a Sons of Death unit for me to complete my Irish SAGA Warband. And a lovely job he did with them too.  All shields hand painted, naturally.

In the meantime I was busy doing this, which was also fun but after 7 weeks of it I'm still not sure how many SAGA dice the Task Group generated per turn...


  1. You do get to play with some very cool toys Paul, the Irish SAGA Warband are nice too. ;)

  2. Nice Vikings and looks like a good landing. Cheers

  3. Wow, those shields are absolutely superb. Nice work Alan!

    And very nice pics too of your big boys toys mate...

  4. Didn't I see you on the ABC news talking about the big grey boat a few weeks back? :)