10 May 2018

More SAGA with a new Romano British Army

Been a busy few weeks with work travel but I have managed to complete the final touches on my Irish Warband for SAGA.  I am also about to be deployed for 3 months so not much looming on the hobby front unfortunately. I also moved house, just to up life's degree of difficulty a touch more.
My new mounted Hearthguard
I also had an impulse purchase the other day when a painted Romano-British warband popped up for sale. I've wanted a force for SAGA's Aetius & Arthur period for some time and this faction I quite like.  With no modelling time my focus is shifting to playing only so this was a good time to strike!  It was expressed posted to me, I picked it up at the Post Office on the way to the club, unpacked it onto the gaming table and put them directly into action! I was facing my SAGA Nemesis Alan, whom I have never beaten in the game in 5 years.  He pulled out a Saxon Army (beautifully painted like all his war bands) which he hadn't used for SAGA before either - the game was afoot!
2 Units of Warriors
My wily opponent with 3 other SAGA games in progress
What followed was probably one of the best night's gaming I've had in about a year, wth 4 games of SAGA in play at the same time.  Our game was very competitive in a really fun atmosphere as we both learned our armies, which were really well matched. I focused on a wide left sweep to isolate and kill Alan's Warlord.  He advanced on a broad front to catch and engage my supporting units.  I let him and after a massive all out effort I managed to dispatch his warlord...only to find out that the new SAGA v2 scenario isn't a Kill the Warlord for Victory game!  A tense last turn followed and in the end I mustered 21 slaughter points to Alan's 18: a pyrrhic victory by the slimmest of margins but a Victory nonetheless!
My mounted Hearthguard catch Alan's Levy Bowmen!
To inject a final bit of hobby happiness to the night, Slowpainter John brought us goodies from the latest shipments, including the new SAGA Age of Crusades book and Battlegroup Torch-  just in time to stock up my hobby reading materials before I ship off. Huzzah!
Now thats a good days' Hobby haul!


  1. Truly a great night of gaming! Thanks mate.

    1. FIVE years Alan? Sounds like you had that coming mate :-)

  2. That looks fantastic, those models are amazing! Glad you had a good time. Good luck for your deployment.

  3. A wonderful night by the look of it. Great to have you posting again.

    1. Thanks Michael, sure was - bit of a posting dry spell coming up though!

  4. That may be the fastest deployment ever! Good to see you getting a game or three, even if not much time for modelling.

  5. Looks like a grand night of gaming - good luck one your deployment and be safe


  6. Late to the party but I just wanted to say that the game looked super fun and you did rather well on that purchase - a lovely warband indeed. Nice score!

    I hope things are going well on your deployment. Be safe and I look forward to your next post.


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