15 January 2018

Battlegroup Barbarossa Campaign - Day 2

To: Commander 309th Motor Rifle Division
From: Commander 381st Rifle Regiment


Comrade General,

The Fascist invaders advanced strongly against Ostrog from the North throughout the day, but we are holding and the defensive line remains intact.  The Germans attacked from the East in strength at Dawn.

Morning attack – Eastern Approaches to Ostrog
Soviet Defence line - ready to meet the Invader

Not One Step Backward!
A Dug in AT Battery with accompanying Infantry, HMG and a reinforced 120mm Mortar Battery in support
Fascist tanks concentrate for a left flank schwerpunkt
And crash into the Red Army line

Tanker heroes advance!

To the German invader the Russian steppe brings death 
The sacrifices of the tank corps will never be forgotten - under heavy pressure the Germans withdraw

Following additional manourvres and reinforcements, we were attacked again from the North in the late afternoon.  Both enemy attacks were defeated, though with significant casualties to the defending units - the supporting tank elements in particular.  Wide use of reinforced defensive positions has been pivotal to holding. I continue use of the local populace as a labor force to fortify the city under the supervision and motivation of the NKVD.

Evening attack – Northern Approaches to Ostrog

Outlying buildings made for perfect defensive positions... and 4 AT guns!

The Panzers advance...

...against the steely eyed defenders of the Motherland
First blood to the Red Army!

The hits continue and more fascists pay for their crimes

Taking significant casualties in the first turn, the devastated Germans withdraw

Separately, Red Army defensives east of the Rozrazh rail bridges have not seen significant activity since yesterday's attacks but I continue to hold the area with significant forces.  Additional German elements have arrived over the last 24 hours, including a Pioneer unit which I expect to commence bridging operations shortly at the ford location between Ostrog and Rozrazh.

My operational priorities or the next 24 hours are: Defend the township of Ostrog, maintain the defensive line for the Rozrah rail bridges, counter attack likely German bridging operations.  Engineering reinforcements are expected to arrive overnight and I intend to commit their flamethrowers and demolition charges to the counter attack.  This will be the first offensive action the Regiment has undertaken and will be a true test of their fortitude.

Comrade Commander Paulinski 


  1. takes me back to my youth. There is a joy to early war Russian front that is quite captivating. I am almost tempted to start a new project now.... luckily I am resisting.... but with little thanks to you.

    Really enjoying it keep it coming when you can.

  2. Great read! I love the eastern front theme.

  3. Ah, how I miss reading those campaign updates! We might have another one in a few weeks, stand by!

    Looks like a great game, I love the mix of game pictures and in-character write ups.