27 January 2018

Australia Day and AHPC entries

Couple of small terrain entries this week.  For the second year in a row I have set aside the figures carefully prepped before the challenge in order to follow (willingly, it must be said) Alan into another project of opportunity :-) So just a few small terrain offerings from me this week in the interim while I build a prep the new models.

First up is this 28mm Stone Bridge by Warlord. A nice plastic model with lots of lovely detail and useful for pretty much any period.  Very happy with how it came out.

Secondly, a 15mm desert building. Found it in my spares box, manufacturer unknown. Offered here as a hint of the project to come...

Together these models fill most of a "terrain cube" (the AHPC patent pending unit of measurement) so 20 points the total.


And for all my antipodean brothers and sisters: Happy Australia Day - I hope you had a great one, whatever you did!
Aussie essentials - Champagne & Orange, lamington cakes, big hat, flag and great views of Sydney Harbour!