02 September 2017

Squadron Leader "Topper" Redfern

Presenting RAF Squadron Leader "Topper" Redfern, who was a Warlord special figure back in July 2015 for the anniversary of the Battle of Britain. I acquired him recently and after my recent efforts with Winston Churchill figure (here), was inspired to slap some paint on him right away. Yes that is a pipe he is holding - it must have been a tough scrap he just bailed out from!

Along with the special figure, Warlord posted this special mission to use him on the table (copied below from http://www.warlordgames.com/special-mission-downed-raf-pilot/ )


The Squadron Leader is sculpted having just bailed out of his Spitfire after taking a hit from a lucky German pilot. On landing he’s immediately been beset by Jerry and has pulled his service revolver out as soon as his feet have touched the ground.
Don’t worry though, Topper! We’ll get to you before the dastardly Hun!
Cost: Free!
Team: 1 ‘Topper’ Redfearn
Weapons: Pistol.
Special Rules: A hard landing
Just before beginning the first turn of the game, after all deployment is finished (including snipers, spotters and observers), the player places Topper on the table, following the same set-up instructions for the objective in the Hold Until Relieved scenario on page 114 of the Bolt Action rulebook.
Topper has exactly the same rules as a Veteran Captain, except that he cannot Run in the first turn of the game, because he has to dispose of his parachute first.
Back to Blighty!
If Topper manages to leave the table by moving into contact with the player’s own table edge, when the game ends the player treats a defeat result in the scenario being played as a draw, and a draw result as a victory (and, I suppose, a victory result as a ‘glorious victory’…).
On the other hand, if Topper is killed before he leaves the table, when the game ends the opponent treats a defeat result in the scenario being played as a draw, and a draw result as a victory (and, I suppose, a victory result as an ‘über-victory’…).
2015-07-07 15.57.33
Can you aid in his rescue before the vital information he has falls into enemy hands? Perfect for adding that extra layer of story detail to your battles in Bolt Action!


  1. Great work on the colours and rank details!

  2. Fabulous character piece and a wonderful objective for the game.

  3. Great stuff mate! I can see Topper getting into all sort of squeaks and straight back out again with much aplomb.

    Pipes are quite simply the duck's nuts. They add a sense of charm and respectability like nothing else. I have very fond memories of my grandfather and his. He even had an ingenious device on the dash of his car to hold his when not in use whilst driving. This pretty much says it all... https://youtu.be/tcmt3_2JCKM

  4. Thanks - I hope so too!

    My Grandfather smoked a pipe too - my grandmother was always complaining about him burning his short pockets with embers when he didn't tap it out properly. I have it on my mantelpiece next to a picture of us together. He was a Rolls Royce Merlin engine specialist - so clearly pipes are the trademark of the clever and wise.

  5. Interesting that your grandfather was a technical type. So was mine... he was Royal Army Engineers and then after the war he made and calibrated super-fine tolerance engineering measurement kit. Pipes are definitely the province of the boffin!

  6. A really nice paint job, as always. Particularly brave to attempt the rank bars as well, and Sqn Ldr is probably the hardest you could pick! I think I'll try Air Commodore and see how it goes from there...

    1. Thanks Ed! It was a bit if a squint to be honest and it didn't come out perfectly, but it looks good on the table