06 May 2016

May the Fourth be with us!

Take that Imperial Scum!
What better way to celebrate Star Wars day this week then by running some introductory games of X-Wing with the Lads at Odin's Night Games Club.   2 of the guys had played before and 2 were newbies but all were new to the fantastic co-op campaign rules Heroes of the Arturi Cluster - by far my favourite way of playing this game (and thanks again to Miles for introducing MAGNET and I to it!)
Rookie Pilots = Rookie manoeuvring!
You've heard of Red, Gold, Green and Rogue Squadrons but these adventurous Rookies were determined to give to the Galactic Empire by forming Tartan Squadron (dibs on not painting their ships).  Sadly missing callsigns MAGNET and TEACHER for their first forays, the determined lads  climbed into their ships to strike a blow for freedom, harmony and Tusken land rights.

With appropriate thematic music blaring form my phone, the first mission was Rescue Rebel Operatives and together the lads managed to escort the triple HWK-290 off with just 2 hull points left.

With that win in hand, Tartan Squadron proceeded onto the Disable Sensor Net scenario where swarms of TIE fighters appeared from nowhere.  With lots of "Its a Trap!" echoing around the table, the dogfight was on.  Eventually, the sensors were all destroyed and the lads all jumped to hyperspace to go for well earned beverages.

The Biggs Darklighter memorial Commendation for best on ground went to Dave with his 6 (mostly stolen) kills for the night.  Well done Ace! He has now been allocated the callsign THIEF.

THIEF captures imagery and yet another (stolen) Victim!
Everyone had a good time = Win!
 No doubt you will hear more from Tartan Squadron in due course - like it or not!


  1. Who didn't fight for Tusken land rights? I like the call sign Thief!

  2. Great pictures and report! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Thanks for running the game mate. It was great fun zooming around in the B Wing and overshooting on just about every move. Darth Vader running into an asteroid definitely made it onto the Empire blooper reel.

  4. So sad to have missed out on this. Sadly occupied putting down rebellion on my home planet.

  5. You were missed TEACHER but the Home Front is by far the most important theatre of war

  6. Excellent! This is rather eerie, I played my first game of X-wing a couple of days back and really enjoyed it. I still haven't seen the films (gasps from audience), but it looks like you had as much fun as I did.

  7. That looks like it was seriously good fun!