19 May 2016

Jugula Campaign commences

Match time at the Arena!
Alan and I kicked off our Jugula campaign a week or two ago, pitting my Ludus Caeruleus (see here) against his Ludus Lupi Invicti.  We started with a double header match, both in illegal pit arenas but thats where a poor Lanista has to earn his stripes to get his fighters some experience and progress to contest bigger prizes.
The gladiators advance

Our first match was an interesting one as we really got into the rules - such a myriad of tactical choices with the card system.  Its hard to avoid analysis paralysis at times
Rux's Retiarius falls - first blood to my provocatur Barbus Magnificus
 With 6 choices for each card but only one card to play, we found that deep analysis and reaction means that the game can bog down in decision making
Barbus spins around and takes down Dux's Threax without missing a beat
I think we need to build in some kind of time limit to keep that issue at bay, because otherwise I think its a really rich system

Isolated, Dux's second last Gladiator is cornered...
...and nobly falls in combat!  Victory to me (which is very rare against Dux I might add)
Our second game was more balanced and Dux was more careful to avoid my being able to divide and conquer.

My Murillo Noctis was corned by a Crupilarius and Thraex - and only escaped through a lucky run of cards

The match became a bit of a slog but we learned a lot of about the nuances of the game
Vengeance for the first game - Barbus Magnificus falls (Dux's thumbs down sign!)
The second match as called on time and declared a draw with 3 wound equivalents apiece.

So our treasuries have grown a little larger and we look forward to the next matches!


  1. It does sound and look good Paul!

  2. Very interesting - are any dice involved?

    1. No, none at all.
      I'll write up a quick review with an overview of play in the coming week for you Miles

  3. Interested at seeing a review as one of my gaming group has gone in for this 😊

  4. I've been really looking forward to seeing this start - fabulous fun Paul.

  5. A splendid looking bunch of gladiators and an exiting report. Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to try Jugula yet.

  6. I am disappointed that this game report is not in Latin.

  7. I am disappointed that this game report is not in Latin.