17 July 2015

Book Review: Red Army

If you are a wargamer, the chances are pretty good that you've read Red Storm Rising and Team Yankee at least once, probably more.  This book deserves to be right next to them on the shelf; it's that good and I've just read it for I think the third time.

This is the story of WW3 entirely from the Soviet perspective.  To be specific, the perspective of the Russians in East Germany facing off against NATO's Northern Army Group.  Characters include Front, Army, Brigade and Battalion commanders, as well as tankers, infantry soldiers, gunners and a fighter pilot.

Written by an former US Army intelligence officer, the narrative grasps the operational and tactical details beautifully, and touches on some of the political aspects as well.  The reasons for the war are skipped entirely (just like in Team Yankee) to focus on the action, and there is plenty of it. Tank battles, reconnaissance in force, deep penetrations, and airborne operations - they are all in there.  Plenty of scenario material to keep the busiest wargamer occupied for awhile!

Overall, its one of the best tales of the Cold War gone hot: a well deserved 5 stars.
If the mid 80s is of gaming interest to you, you need to read this book.


Sadly, the author's other offerings to military fiction are nowhere at this level, IMHO.


  1. This is by far his best book. After this he got lazy and rested on his laurels. I agree with your assessment, a must read for anyone who wants the Soviet side of things.

  2. I'll check this out, thanks!

  3. Quite correct sir. I have read this book many, MANY times. I have an autographed copy from the author as well. You are correct about this being his best.

    Although Cain at Gettysburg was amazing!!