29 May 2015

Secrets of the Third Reich 2nd Edition

Excellent news on a recent edition of Meeples and Miniatures podcast (Episode 145 - see here) that West Wind Productions will be starting a kickstarter to fund the long awaited 2nd Edition of Secrets of the Third Reich very soon...next week in fact!  Lots to look forward with this one I think, with the rules split into two books from the outset and the inclusion of Imperial Japanese forces.

Does buying updated rules that I already have (with figures) count as a full 'ohhh shiny' moment? I don't think so either...
There is a little more over at Beasts of Warm with a couple of concept art pics:


  1. No , not proper shiny at all...barely even counts...

  2. It's not buying more, it's about replenishing stocks.