30 May 2015

An idle resort to war

A veritable dearth of activity on the ECW project this month as my real life academic requirements piled up, and Alan rightly prioritised getting some Dark Ages figures completed for a campaign he has going.  Nevertheless, I did achieve some interesting acquisitions for the library - 2 gaming and 2 non fiction titles which will form part of my summer reading.  Reviews to follow in due course.


  1. A great haul....the book on the top left is wonderfully dated in it's narrative, and has some good photographs of battlefields taken 45+ years ago, some of which have changed considerably in that short time. Happy reading.

  2. Some cracking reading mate. I'm rather curious about the top left. I might have to track down a copy of that one myself.

    1. There are a bunch available from second hand sellers - I used the links in Amazon to find them.
      Not expensive either

  3. Looks good. Enjoy the reading!