18 May 2015

Review: M113 Platoon set

M113 ACAV "A" troop 3/5th Cavalry "Black Knights" 9th Infantry Division "Old Reliables". Near Quang Tri on the DMZ border -- patrol along the 17th Parallel. Vietnam, 1971
After years of procrastinating (and blatantly just forgetting), I finally managed to pick up one of Battlefront's M113 Platoon boxed sets.

The box comes with spurs to make 4 APCs in any one of 6 different configurations - troop carrier, Armoured Cavalry (ACAV), two Mortar track variants and the flamethrower armed M132 Zippo.  Pretty good value for $30 incl delivery, and by far the most economical way ahead to acquire a few of these iconic vehicles, useful for a range of conflicts.

Actually, maybe I need another box...

Assembly Instruction here:

There was an unboxing awhile back at Beasts of War here:

M113 acav "K" troop 11 ACR "Blackhorse". Vietnam '66-67 (Henry David McInnis Collection)


  1. That box is really a great set. They build with no problems really and they paint up really well.
    I highly recommend them.

    1. And very nice they look too! (I assume you are talking about the Zippos at your blog here:)


  2. Vietnam just cuts to close for me to use as a war game setting. My dad was there and barring a freak chance of luck would not have come home and I would not exist. Your a military man so each persons views on these things is different but I seem to prefer my war games limited to fantasy/scifi made up type.

    1. I absolutely respect that. For similar reasons I won't play ultra modern Iraq/Afganistan type games

    2. Also, I don't like playing Australian troops in any genre of gaming because I know I am not a fair and unemotive gamer when I do!