15 February 2015

Friends by the Sword Divided

So here begins the adventures of Alan, aka Dux Homunculorum, and Paul of the Man Cave as we delve into wargaming the English Civil War in 6mm.  Being a rebellious rapscallion, Alan aspires to command the New Model Army, while I am more of the Loyalist type and shall stay in His Majesty's service.

The first seven Royalist Foot units ready for service!
To date Alan has done the lion's share including painting both armies (using all Baccus figures).  You see, this is a year of preparation as we temporarily dwell in different countries.  With time in hand to paint and model, we hope to be able to get on with it when we again live in the same hemisphere next year.

Alan's Parliamentarian Army ready to do battle
The en mass look is rather cool - in fact, its what 6mm gaming is all about!

For rules we are currently undecided- Baccus's ECW Polemos or maybe the Basic Baroque (See here) as I know Alan really likes Impetus.  Of course there are many other options out there so we will see what happens.  Whatever happens, its going to be fun!

We plan in due course to post pics of models, book reviews and historical tid-bits as we find and enjoy them.  Aspirations to battle reports and even a campaign one day also.  Much more to follow using a timetable on the more brandy infused end of the flexible spectrum.


  1. Excellent job, very impressive!

  2. This is going to be cool to follow, I am also painting up a couple of Baccus ECW armies (Oxford King's army and Essex)


  3. Thanks gents

    @ Ian - looking forward to seeing your ECW goodies!

  4. Neat project., will look forward to further posts. Using the smaller 6mm figures means that you'll be able to do large battles in a 'small space'.

    I'm using 40mm for my ECW project (http://cavalierecw.blogspot.co.uk/). Ok for small scale actions and I have just enough table space to have done a re-fight of Roundway and Cheriton.

    -- Allan