07 February 2015

6mm ECW

One of the long term projects I have is some big battle ECW with Alan, aka Dux Homunculorum***.  Being a rebellious rapscallion he aspires to Command the New Model Army, while I am more of the Loyalist type and shall stay in His Majesty's service.  The Lad has also expressed interest in gaming this period as well, and though his loyalties are yet to emerge I suspect he will be another Roundhead cur.

Alan has done the lion's share at this point.  Actually, he has done everything including painting both armies so that we might be able to get on with it when we again live in the same hemisphere.  However, a rather large parcel is now making its way from Baccus to allow us to take the war north of Hadrian's wall.  For rules we are planning to use Baccus's ECW Polemos, or maybe the Basic Baroque (See here) as I know Alan really likes Impetvs.

Excitingly, Alan has now finished the first seven Royalist Foot units, which is very exciting news!

And here is Alan's Parliamentarian Army ready to do battle - impressive en mass!

You can see Alan's great 6mm ECW offerings, using the lovely Baccus range of figures, at his blog here: http://dux-homunculorum.blogspot.com/search/label/6mm%20English%20Civil%20War

So anyway, for those somewhat interested (but mostly as a notebook for me), here is some eye candy and inspiration for ECW in micro scale.

Inspiration from the Baccus site:

These fantastic figures are from Lee's sadly abandoned ECW project here: http://ecw6.blogspot.com.au/ and here
An impressive array
Trotters and Gallopers
Dismounted Dragoons
Commanded Muskets
Scenario Wise this series of books looks interesting - has anybody tried them?

As does this:  http://www.caliverbooks.com/Partizan%20Press/partizan_ecws.shtml

Basing tutorial: http://walladvantage2.blogspot.com.au/search/label/6mm%20painting

Interesting: http://wiki.bcw-project.org/

OK, thats probably enough rambling about 6mm ECW for now but expect more in the future!

*** Actually, now that I think about it, Alan has a lot to answer for in terms of my gaming expenditures overs the past few years: Battlegroup (various) and the introduction of 15mm WW2 into my Man Cave, SAGA (5 war bands and counting) and now this, but I'm sure there is more...  Thanks mate, now I have some sort of plausible deniability - at least to myself anyway (for some reason SWMBO doesn't find this rationalisation credible).


  1. Isn't it just great when others con you into a new period or scale? At least you don't have to paint them! The first foot units look pretty good! Somewhere I have a 15mm Royalist force kicking about. Must dig it out sometime!

  2. What rules will you be using? Blackpowder?

  3. Still a debate in progress- Polemos, Baroque Impetus and Pike and Shot are all contenders at this point but as a new genre I have no experience with any of them yet.

  4. Wonderful stuff lads! I'm always amazed by the level of detail on 6mm miniatures and even more so by what some painters are able to do with them. Dux is a talented chap as we know and material like this only reinforces that opinion.

    I've not bought the scenario books you've listed but I have given them the once over. They look very good indeed and certainly worth the money. For 28mm many scenarios in books require too much painted lead so I personally write my own scenarios for a lot of what I play. I do however rely heavily on scenario books for inspiration and I've referenced CS Grant's ones quite heavily of late for example. I suspect at 6mm these one would be very useful indeed though.