15 December 2014

SciFi Week extended

Congratulations to NASA and everyone involved with the very successful test flight of the Orion orbiter last week.  Just look at her go!
Launch pic courtesy of the NY Post
Sadly, I was a bare 24 late to observe the launch first hand.  However, arriving at the Kennedy Spoace Centre the next day, I found the place to abuzz with excitement.  I took the family and we had an amazing day touring the museums, the launch facilities and the Atlantis Shuttle (which is new since I last visited in 2008) - all as wonderful as I remembered them.

Still all enthused, the next day was spent at Disney World's EPCOT where we rode the Mars explorer ride more than a few times...

Next up, this week's SciFi mini Series Ascension on the SyFy channel...


  1. Looks like you had a blast, you were stomping around in my back yard here in Florida! I doubt we would have been able to meet up as I had a nasty illness that has laid me up for the better part of the week.

    1. We sure did and sorry to hear of your illness.
      Get well soon and I'll keep your location in mind next time I'm down there - maybe even bring some Strange Aeons stuff with me!

  2. Looks like a great day out for everyone, love the space suit shot Paul.