02 December 2014

A Sci Fi weekend

With no modelling gear or a lead pile to prepare for the annual painting challenge, plus being devoid of ladies in the house, this Thanksgiving weekend the boys turned to Sci Fi for a bit of fun.  In addition to several long binge sessions playing Beyond Earth, we also went to see Interstellar.  Its an edgy 'hard' SF movie with more than a touch of Kubrick's 2001 as an influence.  We both really enjoyed it, and while there isn't a lot of action in the almost three hours and two bags of popcorn required, its engaging throughout.  Recommended.
And if you are looking for some more inspiration along these lines, check these links out:




  1. Really liked the movie too, long but not long winded, my 16 year old loved it as well.

  2. I enjoyed interstellar even though I managed to figure some things out early on. Long but kept the entire family entertained throughout.