15 October 2014

Mars Attacks!!!

Comade James reporting: I mentioned a few weeks ago that September was Mantic Month in my Garage Cave, and finally my kickstarter Mars Attacks arrived....

This is only the first part of the kickstarted goodies, I will get extra building pieces, another squad of US Marines, a saucer, giant ant, and lots of other goodies.....
The game is designed as a board game vice miniature game, so all the mini's are one piece, and are coloured to allow playing without painting.
The playmate is paper, although the neoprene deluxe version will be part of my kickstarter. The ruined brick walls clip together exactly like the Deadzone ones, allowing infinite combos of terrain. The nice thing about this game is the one piece scatter terrain, roadblocks, rubbish, broken rubble etc that all go to make up the look of the ruined town.

Like Deadzone, played on an 8 by square mat

The US Marines, including a missile launcher and LMG

The human Heroes, including a knight escaped from stasis from an earlier Martian mission....

The dreaded Martians, led by General Tor. Back rank has helmets, front rank without

The ruins pieces, including a wire fence, brick walls, picket fence and scatter terrain

The Martian figures have detachable clear plastic helmets that allow you to paint the figures before putting the iconic helmets on.

Gameplay uses the familiar Mantic system of short and long actions, that players of Dreadball and Deadzone would be familiar with. The abilities have been simplified however, and the cards are universal for either Martians or Humans. Like all Mantic skirmish games, Mars Attacks uses a D8 system, with exploding 8's, and a base 3 dice for each test, adding and subtracting dice according to modifiers, and then attempting to hit a target number.  The aliens tend to be better shots, whilst the Marines are better at close combat.

Once I manage to get a game in, I'll post a first thoughts .......


  1. Awesome, thanks for sharing the love. My buddy Pete played this the other day and reportedly was able to send a burning car bouncing across the board into the heroes or something? Sounds pretty rad.

  2. Hi Yeti, cool, that's a random event card and there are plenty of similar crazy events like that as well

  3. oooooooooh. how cool is that? i tell ya, paul. we are definitely on the same wavelength. i'll be blogging about another 'mars attack' variant using LNL's World At War series' (Eisenbach Gap) special scenario of those dreaded martian tripods attacking kiev in the 80's. so that's tripods vs t80s and btr70s. coming soon...

    1. G'day Herrodadog, its actually James here, Paul hasn't got Mars Attacks :-) Look forward to reading your blog though, I used to design scenarios for LnL's flagship game, Lock and Load. Check out ANZAC Attack ;-) James

  4. Looks good, still waiting on mine. Heard bad things about the fit of the helmets, but we'll see when it arrives!

  5. David, the helmets are pretty thin plastic so can warp easily but that also means you can mold them

  6. Looks wonderful - still waiting for mine though.

  7. arrrggghhhh! so tempting and as usual, paul, you and i have the same taste in wargaming. i'll have to get this sometime in the future.