03 February 2013

Game 6: the Hammer of Hashut

The penultimate game of the season saw Right Stuff's Champions go up against the Hammer of Hashut, coached by the very friendly and encouraging Big Pete who is always a delight to play.  His Chaos Dwarf team weighs in at a hefty 2.06 million gp, and for inducements the Norse took a wizard, a mercenary apothecary, 2 bloodweisers babes, and a 50k card.  Weather was fine and the CDs won +1 FAME.

Norse kicked off to start the game; the dwarves won a brilliant coaching roll, got a touchback and KOed a Norse lineman on the first block.  Was this a sign from Nuffle? The dwarves ground down the left side and a scrum developed.  A dwarf went off with a niggling injury (first blood to the Norse!) as the ball carrying bull centaur broke for the end zone. The Norse scrambled back but couldn't hold back the blodging break tackle monster and he ran in on turn 4.  The Norse were quick to strike back, emulating an elf team with a pass/sprint combo which saw a runner score an equalizer on turn 6. With just turns to go, the dwarves setup strong on the left and enjoyed a quick snap before driving deep, but the bull made an unlikely fall. The Norse ganged up to foul him (nice!), badly hurting him and removing him from the game but leaving an unseen gap for a hobgoblin to go for the line, but after receiving the ball he Tripped over the line! 1 all at half time.

The Hammer of Hashut line out for game start!
The second half started with the dwarves getting Perfect Defence, before the Norse pushed down the left side. The Minotaur stunned the Yeti, tearing a hole in the Norse line though and the dwarves scuttled through. The Norse weaved around with a lineman carrying the ball. The Norse ST4 lineman went into the crowd, (ST broken but apothed to badly hurt), while the bull centaur ran back and sacked the ball carrier, AG busting him.  A hobgoblin scooped up the ball but the wizard lightning bolted him and a Norse runner sprinted and chucked it downfield but it was inaccurate. A backfield scrum ensued for a few turns before some dodging Norse magic occurred and the runner picked up the ball in the end zone in a to to go up 2:1 in turn 5. Could the Norse hang on for the win?
2 Blodging Bull centaurs are hard to handle!
The opening dwarf block killed the ST4 lineman who was apothed to AG bust (his second) and pushed down the right side, dropping a short pass by the centaur but it was caught by a dwarf.  The Norse dropped into a defence in depth line and pulled out the special play card - Fanatic Invasion! He spawned in the dwarf formation near the ball carrier and ploughed into him full force to scatter the ball and stun the dwarf!  The dwarves swarmed onto the fanatic, KOing him and removing him from the field.  A desperate Norse defence held on as the CDs setup for a pass to either the Bull Centaur or a Hobgoblin who were in scoring range, but with no rerolls left the Bull skulled out blitzing to get downfield. 2-1 Win for the Norse!

This was a really  fun game against a wonderful opponent.  Reilly had some good luck on his side, but also made some good plays, especially for his second TD.  One of his linemen (Number 8, who in this game was KOed, injured, healed and injured again for his second AG bust) got MVP and skilled up with a double, taking Stand Firm to go with his Block and Guard.  He and the ST4 lineman are out for the next game against the Wood Elves, but this win puts Odinn's Champions in serious contention to make the play-offs with one round to go!

pointsTD scoreCas score
Crimson BreweriesDwarf
1009 - 332 - 5
Odinn's ChampionsNorse
Right Stuff & Paul O´G
888 - 512 - 14
Woodland StrydersWood Elf
7812 - 109 - 25
Hammer of HashutChaos Dwarf
Big Pete
628 - 723 - 12
Brutle OrcsOrc
Phil W
506 - 411 - 5
Black Mountain LochersOgre
468 - 1516 - 32
Didditon OddrugsSkaven
Peter M
367 - 109 - 20
River Stir SlayersHuman
324 - 810 - 9


  1. Thanks Reilly for a fantastic and totally enjoyable game as always. It was a close game through out and could have gone either way, but you were the better coach on the day :)

    Good luck for the rest of the season, hopefully we can meet again in the finals (though I am not sure the Hammer of Hashut will be able sneak in).