13 February 2013

The Bridges at Toko-Ri

I read this novel during the week and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Actually at a hundred odd pages it was more like a long short story, particularly for James A., Michener who is more renowned for wonderful tomes like Space and Hawaii.

Written at the climax of the Korean War, it is the story of a Naval Aviator who flies a jet off a USN Carrier conducting strikes into North Korea.  Yet despite his prowess as a pilot he doesn't understand the war, resents the Navy for drafting him, and is bitter at the general apathy of the American people despite he and a few others putting their lives on the line every day. 

It reminded me quite a lot of Flight of the Intruder in that respect. The plot is based on a real life incidents and was turned into a movie in 1954 (high time for a remake!).  A good read about a neglected topic.  



  1. Great book. Loved the character who totally disliked how the Corsairs were being ruined by having their engines being used to help the jets launch. Loved the movie adaptation, which was right on the money. Great book and movie.

  2. Thanks for passing this on. Definitely a topic that tends to get passed over, myself included. With have to check this classic out.