05 December 2012

Pumpkinz First Match

Right Stuff and I played a game of BB7s last weekend to give his new Smashin' Pumkinz team (see here) a try while he waits for the rest of the figs to arrive (hint hint Comrade James!).  Their opponent was my slightly developed human team, the Nut Crackers.
Da Boyz on the LOS looking great in their orange and brown colours!
It was a very fun game- we hadn't played Sevens for ages and a fast moving first half saw each team score 2 TDs in quick succession on our home made board
The Orc drive to score an equaliser by Half  Time
The second half saw the Orcs receive, and Right Stuff tried to grind it out for the half for the win.  It went wrong for him, the ball carrier got sacked and scrum developed.  All getting rather scrappy when the Orcs pulled off a miracle play - an Orc thrower got to the ball, picked it up in 2 TZs, got an accurate pass out (in the same 2 TZs) and caught by a Black Orc.  A spectacular array of dice, particularly noting that there are no ReRolls in Sevens!

And so the Orcs got their grind and took a well deserved Victory winning 3 to 2.  A great start for this new team!


  1. That is fantastic on so many levels. Great painting, scoreboard, field...

  2. Great work chaps! A splendid victory.

  3. haha I love that little diagram photo - well done sir!

  4. LOL
    Loved that diagram, and that score board is absolutely brilliant!

  5. I'm stunned! That thrower needs to give my orc throwers some pointers,he can't do half that when the ball is free and clear.

    Smashing pumpkins & nut crackers... what do you guys have against produce? ;)

  6. ...they left for their new digs today !! :-)