04 December 2012


A different kind of Batman: a Vampire in man-bat form!  Went for a bit of a different look with a bit of colour to splash onto the table.  Still deciding if I like it.
Like the Giant Worm I posted a few days ago here, this model suffers from balance issues and I am going to have to weight down one side of the base to account for it.  You can see why in the pic below
Nonetheless, I think its an excellent figure with a dynamic pose and great sculpting detail.
Figure is by Heresy Miniatures (have a look here)


  1. Like it. The colour looks good.

  2. You are certainly finding lots of great miniatures to tempt me at the moment! Another triumph Paul.

  3. Na na na na na na na na AAAAAAAGHHHHHHHH!

    Neat fig, and nicely painted. I'm a little weirded out by him having hands and wing-fingers too.

  4. I'm Batman! I mean, nice bat man... :-)

    Now lets see all these crazies in a battle report!


  5. This screams to be used in games like Strange Aeons, I may have to pick it up, nice work!

  6. Nice Batman. Keep it away from Ozzy Ozbourne when he tours down under next year with Sabbath in case he bites it's head off.