21 September 2012

Dreadball Update

The kickstarter is going from strength to strength, almost at $340k and unlocking more teams with 10 days still to go.  Since my last post there has been extra MVPs added but most excitingly a new insectoid Alien race and now transforming Robots are about to burst onto the scene - awesome!
However, the great popularity of this project is causing the Mnatci biys some concern that they wont be able to get everything out for Christmas, so they have now capped the number of Jack and Striker! packages that are available - better get in quick!
You might also be interested in this 'first impressions' post about the game at the Blog Shades of Chaos


  1. Im glad I got in at striker now. Im even more glad they went with the more sci fi sorts of figure in the strecth goals instead of more fantasy-in-space races... Feels much more like a unique product this way.

  2. I took the plunge too: Striker. I knew I'd get in at some level just wasn't sure what. To be blunt I only really like one of the first four teams (orcs) the others -corp are too space marine looking, dwarves look too tall, rats are too much like short rat ogres (prefer sleek & fast) but the newer team ideas look so good, and striker has so many extras I went with that. I figure I can always paint the teams I don't like and sell them if they don't grab me when I get them in hand 9which can happen) The Judwan & Robots are especially cool- the kind of sci-fi look I had hoped for at the start of this project.

    btw, I was catching up on Blood Bowl podcasts (had been behind since was listening to an audio book series) and on 3die block hear a commercial with some australian accents, one adult, one younger and thought 'I bet that's Paul & Right Stuff' and sure enough it was! Great stuff! You should get a wave file or little mp3 play function for your blog here to play the commercial ;)

  3. I agree gents - some very cool stuff in there now. No doubt I'll get all four Season 2 teams using the "2 for 1" deal. Good value!

    I'm not so hot of the Veer-Mean either, but Right Stuff is and has claimed them as his first team so between us we should be good!

    Glad you liked our 'Krunchy Kremes' add, it was a bit of fun together to make it and he was thrilled to hear it during the big Blood Bowl match. We'll have to do another one soon!

    1. Right Stuff is right to like the Veer-myn... they're bloody quick!!! Makes it very hard to squish them effectively.

      Well I'm in at Striker level, and I'm glad to see you're really excited by the game Paul. I'll be really interested to hear what you've got to say about it when you've got your mitts on it.

  4. Keen for a cultural exchange - you can teach me Blood Bowl and I'll teach you Saga. I'm around at the start of next week - I've sent an email to your family address.