09 September 2012

DreadBall Update

The DreadBall kickstarter is almost at $180k and going great guns with 21 days still to go! I think the rate of pledges will probably tail off now but I'm sure it will crack 200k.

The latest Mantic podcast (episode 4) also has a bit more detail about where the game came from but as it was recorded prior to the kickstarter going live some of it is a little dated.  You can find it on iTunes.

There have been a few updates about what that means for the future of the game, but at that level there will be another 2 MVP figs as well as the new female player figs added to the Striker! level.  Have a look here and here for more detail.  Also check out the designer's blog here.

Essentially it looks like the rate of support will be sufficient to build all the currently planned stuff.  After that, at 200k support, Mantic plan to develop...
Season 2 introduces the next wave of teams, MVPs and other exciting personalities to DreadBall pitches across the galaxy! With 4 new teams, many new MVPs, coaches, cheerleaders, and more, there's something for everyone. All of the above comes in a brand new expansion rulebook so you can take your leagues to a new level.

so it looks like DreadBall will go from strength to strength and be a supported game line - Awesome!

EDIT: The stretch goals for the Enforcer and Buzzcut MVPs have now been met and the total stands at $195k!!!


  1. I like the look of the female team: more Tron than Space Marine... too bad they don't simply replace the standard corporation team with that one.

    I wonder what the other 4 teams will be?

    The orc star Buzzcut looks pretty cool!

    I really enjoy Blood Bowl but I don't see why I wouldn't want to add this too. The game sounds plenty different and the theme is of course different. 2 of my favorite settings will be covered: fantasy & sci-fi. should be fun to have a sci-fi setting and game, this looks promising- as much as I love BSG, this looks far better than 'pyramid' ;)

    1. I too think its a "in addition to Blood Bowl" game as opposed to a replacement and its sound like it has a totally different feel to it.

      Regarding the new teams, here is what the designers blog has to say about them:

      This quartet of new teams has undergone a number of iterations so far, and this isn’t entirely final though I feel like we’re getting close.

      Ladies First. Yes, the girls really ought to go in here. They are still humans, and will have human stats the same as the Trontek 29ers, but there is a spin or two I’d like to introduce to change their playing style a bit and make them a separate team in their own right. I think I can do this without adding any new rules too, which is a bonus. Needs more playtesting though. Of course, you could still use the miniatures to play as a 29ers sort of human team if you like.

      It came from… who knows? It’s the Z'zor, and they’re not telling. This is one of the Warpath races which hasn’t seen the light of day on those battlefields yet, but which we might get to see first on the DreadBall pitch. nasty, nasty bitey things, so lord knows how they got to be in teams. Maybe mind control devices and shock sticks, controlled breeding programmes, stunt doubles or some other cunning piece of showmanship. Perhaps their hive minds just like a bit of sport. I suspect their Guards might be quite mean.

      Robots! Well it’s the far future, so it would be rude not to. I had a really cool (in my head, anyway) idea for this team, and have sort of dumped a production headache on Mantic. I want the team to be able to change roles as the game goes on. Not like Transformers visually, but a similar idea of mutability...

      Judwan. Who? Well they are made up aliens (it’s science fiction, remember). These were spawned by an MVP I was working on, whose race suggested a whole different play style, and that’s what you need for a really good new team. I’m going to try them out with only Strikers, and we’ll see if they work as see them in my head…

  2. Awesome. It just keeps on growing.

  3. Ignore the good angel on the left shoulder, Listen to the evil angel on your right shoulders gentlemen...