26 June 2012

Gunner's Giveaway!

Dan of the Gunners Wargaming site is having having a competition to celebrate his birthday and is proposing to paint up for the winner of the competition  in Dan's words -

 "a group of characters/command stand/vehicle's/small unit, for your army, to your specification, using figures/models from my collection, and my conversion/painting skill"

And if you follow Dan's blog you will know that the offered prize will be painted pretty damn well, despite Dan's humble commentary.

The Rules of Engagement are pretty simple:

1. Visit Dan's blog here (you should anyway to see his great stuff, regardless of the competition!) and leave a comment advising what type of group of figures etc you would like him to paint up for you;

2 - Follow his blog publicly;

3 - Post a link to his blog and Pimp his blog on your own blog (if you have one).

Entries have to be submitted before midnight 28 June 2012 (Melbourne/Canberra/Sydney time).

Good luck to everyone that enters- but not as much as me :-)  !!!


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