31 August 2011

Three Die Block shoutout

The Lad was thrilled to get a "Shoutout" from Pauly and Chance in the latest episode of their awesome "Three Die Block" podcast today. He has been emailing them to get play tips and skill-up advice, which has been serving him well.  The guys have been awesome with their encouragement - thanks a lot guys, it meant a lot to him (and me).

Although I'm not so sure about their advice to him to "Keep up the good work, and Kill your Dad's Teams!"....

See Episode 55 (29 Aug 11) at 1h:31m:04s at http://threedieblock.libsyn.com/


  1. Thats pretty cool of them. The more we can convert the younger ones into the hobby and encourage them to stay, the better.

  2. That's great Paul. You better watch him real close though.