28 August 2011

Modelling pictures to aspire to

Some amazing pics at this link, all achieved through natural lighting effects, not photoshop manipulation.
In this case star wars lego has been used, but the effects for wargames could be awesome.



  1. Very cool. I've collected G.I. Joes in the past and have seen some very impressive and realistic diorama photos shot with action figures on various collector's sites.

    When I painted up a couple of custom action figures I tried some moonlit perspective shots (like having the AT ST in the background) using some of my Warhammer VC terrain, a night sky back drop, and lighting effects. It came out pretty good, so I tried it with some of the minis from my VC army. I don't have Photshop on my computer in order to take that next step, but it was a lot fun.

  2. Just another level of the hobby to discover! :-)

  3. Spooky - Just going through a few old magazines and came across an article on model trains in close up and now this!

    Thanks for the find.