12 April 2011

More Approved Bedtime Reading

The Lad prepares for our Dark Ages skirmish this Friday!


  1. funny how great minds think alike. anytime i'm hot on any period i'd watch a related movie or get eye candy for inspiration. was this the original book that inspired the movie (tim robbins)?

  2. I do the same - just finsihed watching the Viking Saga movie in fact!

    Yes this is the original book that spawned the movie, but its not a comedy - more a Viking saga written for kids. Its a good read.

  3. Kids book or not, it'll give you loads of ideas for games.

  4. If you are into norse mythology and vikings - there is a superb comic called "Valhalla" which was released in 12 or 13 volumes. Written in Danish but I read a Swedish version as a kid, if you can find it in Swedish it is a pure joy to read. Not only does it retell many of the norse tales about their Gods the artwork is pretty neat as well!


  5. Thanks for the tip Anatoli. I see that so far its been published in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Faroese, Finnish, Dutch, German and Indonesian. But not English :-(

  6. They made an animated movie out of the first album, which can be viewed at YouTube with English subtitles. 7x10minutes or something like that.

    Though it is based on the very first album and does pretty much only feature Thor and Loki and the giants. Each of the other albums usually focuses on one of the gods for the main story but features a core of reoccurring characters like Thor and Loki (Loki who often get himself or the others in trouble).

    I really liked because they were quite cleverly written, teaching norse mythology in a fun way, and not only about the gods but about other stuff as well like the Fenris wolf, the giants and the midgard serpent.

    It's a damn shame if there aren't any English translation of those comics!