06 October 2010

From the North they came...

Mea Culpa- I cant help myself sometimes!   But in fairness, take a look at the quality and cost of these great Vikings and Saxons by Wargames Factory - just the thing for a handful of figs each and a bout of skirmishing.

Hammer of the Gods- 28mm Dark Ages Vikings and Saxons in hard plastic:
with a review of them here: http://www.hourofwolves.org/?view=articles&which=vikingFaceOff

Shield Design transfers would work well with these chaps http://www.littlebigmenstudios.com/catalog/
and here are some thoughts on wargaming the Dark Ages to corrupt you too http://www.nhmgs.org/articles/darkages.html

And finally, the 6 stages of drinking - as told by Vikings: hillarious!!!

So yes, I've ordered some of these (as have Ken and Pete) so a few raids by Olaf the Hairy & friends are on the cards!


  1. Oh Tas,

    Just when I thought I was safe from temptation..............


    ...proximity alert: new models...proximity alert:new models....wallet in danger of critical failure.......

  2. Nooooooooooooooooooo, you are a foul tempter!!!! Ooh, nice.....

  3. Resistance is futile gentlemen- embrace the Hammer of the Gods!