21 September 2010

Incursion reviews

Its becoming a bit of a review link fest here lately, but there is now Incursion game review posted here:

and a review of the models here:

I really enjoyed this game, and now you have no excuse not to go hunting Nazi zombies in the catacombs under Gibraltar too!


  1. Just ordered "Stupid Good Deal #1" so I'll have the game and a swag of minis coming my way soon. I'm so excited about this game, and I cannot wait to get it on the table.

    Being a board game that is immediately playable which can then have miniatures added to it is pure wargaming heaven.

    I have to say a big thanks for all your informative blog entries which has steered me down the path of purchasing this game. I'm also required by wife-law to say shame on Tas, shame on you.

  2. And another one bites the dust...

    Well done mate, you hung out on this one far, far longer than I did :-)
    - tell the Mrs I will appropriately hang my head in shame (but I'll have a big grin while doing it!)