19 September 2010

Loyalists vs Traitors in the Hulk

Back in the day, 1st Edition Space Hulk had rules for running chaos Terminators around hulks and having a good old standup fight against those loyal to the God-Emperor of Mankind.  Cool.

l always loved that concept but never quite got around to doing it.  I even bought a set of the orginal GW Chaos termies in 1989.  Remember them? Much more like the loylists without all the ridiculous horns, tusks, trophy racks and excessively spikey bits.  These are the them, though sadly I've lost my Traitor Captain in the Warp along the way:

Pic from Stuff of Legends: http://www.solegends.com/citcat911/c2019smtraitorinqterminator-h.htm

Well I've unearthed them, stripped off the poor initial daubings of paint and have started preparing them for operations in 3rd edition SH as warriors of the Black Legion!

So far they have been cleaned up, assembled, undercoated black and basecoated with Chaos Black (naturally!).

One of the issues of course is the limited mobility and flexibility of these original castings, but I think they have a charm of their own.

More to follow!

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