10 April 2010

Weird Wars arrive!

Yep, done it again. Bought more stuff in yet another genre. I held out for at least two months this time so perhaps that is a small sign of improvement? Nah, SHMBO doesn't think so either!

So a box of WW2 weirdness arrives yesterday from Maelstrom Games: loving those guys and their free worldwide shipping!

First up: Incursion! by Grindhouse Games. Think Space Hulk but instead of Terminator marines, they are WW2 US Grunts in exoarmour, instead of stealers its Zombie Germans, and instead of a Space Hulk its situated in the tunnels beneath Gibraltar. Who couldn't love that?


Ken at TWIW did a great review in a recent episode (AT-9), which I highly recommend. He clearly explains the difference bewteen Incursion and Space Hulk too.

So, intrigued about the background for this game, I ended up buying the rulebook for the tabletop minis version; Secrets of the Third Reich (SOTR). But the Doomsday expansion was also released recently, so for just a few pounds more...

Then I started to have a look through the SOTR forums and the very nice figs that Westwind do to support the game. I just love the German armoured Mech grenadiers so had to have a squad of those guys.

And a Werewolf Commando? Who could resist?


Mea Culpa!

And if you thinking this sounds very much like the saga of me buying Space hulk last year (http://tasmancave.blogspot.com/2009/10/with-strength-of-warm-mars-bar.html), you aren't the only one... On a brighter note though, I've started painting the werewolf so the new Man Cave is now fully commissioned!


  1. I think we need progress pics of the Werewolf!

    I'm resisting so far.... barely...