18 April 2010

Gretel von X

Fans of the wargaming podcast 'This Week in Wargaming' would be aware of Ken's recent competition to give away some Gretel von x figures from the Incursion range. Having missed out fair and square, I was rather pleasantly surprised today - I was listening to the latst episode, AT-10 - appropriately while base coating SoTR figs in the Man Cave actually - when I heard at the end that Ken had found another fig and has awarded it to me in recognition of the following composition I made for the comp:

Ode to Gretel
Fine blonde locks and eyes of blue,
a Wagnerian beauty, you know its true.
My dear Gretel, you look so sweet,
I count the days until we meet!
Upon my desk top you will be
and painting projects oversee.
Keeping my models all in line,
enraptured by your features fine.
So treat me with your winning smile,
I promise to make it worth your while.
About you all my friends will rave-
Germanic mistress of my Man Cave!

So my Weird War forces grow and my Germanic horde has a new Command figure...
Many thanks indeed Ken! All I can say is..."Dude!"

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