26 March 2009

Christmas in...March!

A month or so back, I took advantage of the online AT-43 sales (though of course the Aussie dollar was enjoying a ten year low at the time..) Due to supplier problems, the boys at The WarStore couldn't make delivery to me while I was in Hawaii. They therefore shipped my order to Australia at no extra cost - good on you lads!
Here is the box the postman delivered today:
Inside was a bumper load of goodies!
Thats not red-eye flash effect from the camera - the Lad's eyes really did look like that :-)
In addition to the books, tileset and Op Frostbite were some UNA reinforcements, including Wing Troopers (though most of the stands were sadly broken)
And a few minor bits for the "Spikey Dudes" including some needed Heroes.But the majority was Red Blok stuff, taking advantage of the cheap prices to get this Army.
To quote Comrade James: That would have to be the biggest box of collective socialist goodness I have seen since the vodka truck tipped over on the way to the barracks.....
I'll admit that about half of this lot belongs to Comrade James and Oberst Owen - just got to sort it out now!
So that's my contribution to assisting the world's economic woes through increased spending. And at the end of getting all that out, the Lad says; 'I think I'll get a Kaman Army next' !!!


  1. Wow, now that is how to buy an army. ;-)

    Glad you didn't forget the poor spikky dudes in that sea of Red.

    Have fun opning all your new toys!


  2. Now that's a serious pile of whoop-ass!

    Now, get them deployed and take parade-photos of yer armies! :D

  3. 'She Who Must Be Obeyed" took one look at this entry, made a very disparaging noise and walked off... :-)

  4. Oh-my-gawd! So many miniatures and not a single one needing a lick of paint!

    Is this what a nerdgasm feels like?

    I... I need to have a lie down for a little while...