13 March 2009

Cave Troll

With the girls out of town tonight, the Lad and I cooked up some meat pies and retreated to the Man Cave for a Boy's Night in. To celebrate our masculine freedom, we played a new game: Cave Troll by Fantasy Flight Games.
Basically its a 2-4 player dungeon bash which is card driven, uses heaps of neat little plastic minatures, requires both offensive and defensive tactics. Players control adventurers, heroes and monsters, trying to capture treasure and spoil other players gold quests, but the catch is that you never know when a gold tally will occur so its very fluid.

The Lad cottoned onto this game rather quickly, embracing the offensive hack-the-other-player-down strategum (wonder where he got that from...). He easily won the first game and we tied the second. With 3 or more players this game will be mayhem, so its now on my proposal list for Tunerquade III.

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